If you're always in the look for inspiration,love food (who doesn't?!) and interested in everything travel related,you are in the right place.

On Todaysouhaila, I post about everything I am interested in ,from my trips,my random thoughts , recipes...and lots more
Todaysouhaila is two year and something old ,so it's a new experience for me,but I'm really enjoying the process of learning new things and meeting new fellow bloggers all thanks to this blog.

I started Todaysouhaila in 2016,I was in my final year of university,in a period where the stress level was intense,between graduating and figuring out what next..(you know the struggle!), so I felt the need to occupy my mind with something other than university and at the same time, reading my favourite blogs was something I really enjoy doing.with time passing, I discovered my growing passion for blogging and found it an outlet to express my creative side of personnality,also wanted to create a happy place where I can take refuge whenever I feel the need to and for my readers as well.

Hey, I'm Souhaila,a 24 years old Moroccan girl,Economics and management graduate ,I have so many passions (other than blogging) among them poetry,theatre acting,painting,...but traveling is on the top of the list ;)
Hope you'll enjoy reading my blog ,feel free to ask me anything you wanna know more about by dropping me an Email to todaysouhaila@gmail.com or an Instagram / Twitter DM.

 Love , Souhaila 

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