April 01, 2020


Hello and welcome or welcome back here, I hope you’re doing well in these bleak days, I’m here to share what I’ve been up to in March ( see previous months here), and as you can guess, I haven’t been up to much as I stayed the majority of time in the house!
This month has been a roller coaster of emotions, tears and has involved lots of reflection ( I wrote something here) but also lots of cups of tea and baking and journaling, I spent the majority of time reading my book, Sapiens which I’m still making my way through and I’m coming to the point where I’m considering reading something else parallelly because It’s one of those slow reads that need lots of stopping, thinking and even note-taking. Other than that, I took full advantage of this time to journal more and I can’t recommend starting journaling enough especially during these limbo days when thoughts are all over the place, it’s a nice way to write it out, to list the small things that make you happy or grateful… this is the perfect time to pick a notebook and start writing.


ice latte


being locked down at home has turned me and lots of us as I saw on Instagram (almost ) into a chef, I tried a lot of recipes for the first time, a delicious apple cake which was so simple to make, some chunky gooey dark chocolate cookies and pain perdu ( French toast) for a dreamy Sunday morning breakfast. Pending on the baking bucket list: a banana bread.
I also took Spanish learning a bit more seriously, and I’m enjoying the process of learning a new language. If you’re wondering, I use Duolingo the app and some pdfs and resources online, I can already make some sentences and even write some paragraphs in Spanish, so I think I’m on the right path.




music-wise I embedded the song I’ve been listening to a lot this month (among others), and as usual, I’m still obsessed with Thick and thin the podcast. Video wise, I loved Lizzy Hadfield vlogs and the way she shared her perspective on what’s going on in the world and her honesty about how she’s feeling… but also Alix’s videos, I like her aesthetic and the change that she introduced into her content over the last two years. And as I’m still one of the rare (I guess!) people who read blogs, I’ve been checking my Bloglovin’ and reading blog posts from my favourite gals, Alice Cathrine’s latest posts are so relatable and she has a very beautiful and eloquent writing style that I enjoy;
although I miss a lot about the “normal life”, the thing that I struggled with is not being able to go on a walk, I normally have big walks daily, but since lockdown, we’ve been given a certificate we should carry with us whenever we are out and it’s admissible to go out just for groceries around your block, work, or buying medicines! I know in western countries; they can have an hour of outdoor exercise (which sounds like a dream to me right now), but it’s not the case here, which is not a shock, given the little importance given to mental health and well-being in my country. So instead, I’ve been spending some time in the rooftop of the house soaking the sunlight and breathing in the fresh air, it doesn’t equal to my powerwalking walks but that will do for now, I guess!
I hope you’re staying safe and looking after yourselves and loved ones, sending lots of love and courage.

how are you feeling? and what have you been up to?

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  1. loved your post x ❤️ and same here i’ve been baking non-stop i’m happy to say i’ve finally perfected my chocolate cakes 😂

    1. Thank you, glad you liked my post,chocolate cake sounds amazing too x

  2. Sounds like your Spanish work is going well! I've been considering working on sign language as a way to pass some time during all of this. I'm thinking there are likely resources on YouTube and things like that, right? While there are many languages that I'd love to learn, ASL has always been top of the list.

    1. Oh that sounds amazing, I've thought about learning the sign language years ago and yes there are some youtube videos and pdfs, so I might give it a go one day! Good luck lovely x


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