April 24, 2020


(This post includes gifted items, all opinions are my own)
I'm a sucker for lifestyle items, give me a cardholder for my birthday and I'm over the moon, a notebook? A mug? Maybe a pair of simple socks? Yes, I'll take one of each, please! In fact, my hobbies include collecting mugs among other things of course, but I literally can't stop buying them (just me?).



I was very kindly gifted two items from GreatnessReinvinted which are the ultimate gifts for me? A gorgeous laptop sleeve and another mug I may not be needing but definitely wanting, with that " dip sip and dunk" written on it, it's a shame not to have it join the collection, especially that I love dunking my biscuit in tea.


This beautiful orange floral laptop sleeve is of such a great quality and I love the design so much, I like a neutral colour and the majority of my belongings are neutral, this shade of orange is as much colour as I'd like to have in a laptop sleeve that I will be carrying around with me a lot of the time while giving a bit of zest to my monochrome wardrobe, there are plenty of designs over on the GreatnessRinvented website and they come in both  13" and 15" sizes.

As for the mug, it's just perfect and has easily knocked down the others I already have, simple and minimal design, a fun slogan and drawing, perfect size.. What else can I say? If you're like me, you like to dunk your biscuits in tea, you NEED this mug! And if dunking isn't your thing, then you have endless choices of other fun and original designs, from spooky to cute ones. They are also microwave and dishwasher safe.

The Greatness website is great (see what I did there?!) for gift ideas, they have a variety of other lifestyle and clothing items, such as cushions and phone cases, hoodies and tshirts…it's THE website for every accessories hoarder.


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