March 07, 2020

I loved writing the first one of these post series if you haven’t seen it yet you can find it here. I think these posts are ones I’m going to get back to years from now and reflect on memories, it is a good way to document everything from my month, my favourite things, thoughts …
Here’s what happened in February, I started the month taking a trip up to Rabat after five months of not visiting, it was needed. Although my family visited me a couple of times, you can’t beat the feeling of going home, can you? I had to get back to Ouarzazate for 24hours, just after four days of being home, the ten-hour coach journey was horrendous as I had the nasty flu everyone was having, but my time at home was worth every hour breaking my back in the very uncomfortable coach seats!
Rabat was as gorgeous as how I left it (even prettier!), I had a lot of seaside walks, soaked the sunshine and fresh air, a lot of eating out and giggles with the little nephews, quality time all around.
I also started reading Sapiens which has been on my to-read list for so long, I think it wasn’t a smart choice choosing to read it while on ‘holiday’ because it’s a very thought-provocative book and it requires a lot of stopping and thinking. But it is interesting.
I went to the Palestine manifestation which was very emotional seeing thousands of people from the whole country gathering to speak out about the humiliation  Palestinians are facing and our disagreement regarding the “deal of the century” or what’s known as the “Trump peace plan”. I’ve always avoided talking about topics like these on here but I felt like mentioning this today!
Although I planned on doing a lot of things while I’m in Rabat, my plans haven’t gone well. A visit to the national museum of photography, an outdoor yoga class, using my film camera more… but unfortunately, I haven’t got around to doing any of these.
Speaking of Film photography, I had a mishap with my camera just before my trip, I accidentally opened the film door and apparently, it can affect the film and ruin the photos on it, I’m still snapping photos but I’m not going to lie it feels like it might be wasted effort!
The song I played nonstop on February was Surf by Mac Miller, my favourite of his last album, you can listen to it in the top of this post!

I’m now back in Ouarzazate and I feel so recharged, I’m so ready to find my routine again.

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how was your month? what are you looking forward to in March?


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