February 05, 2020

I've been thinking of doing some kind of series on my blog that will make my posting schedule somehow consistent but also make a great sort of diary on my blog and here came the idea of sharing pictures, bits like museum tickets or postcards….(will see where this is going to take us!) I randomly take throughout the month and write a small segment about the main events of the so-called month.
I was hugely inspired by Chloe & daisy butter for this post and they are some of my favourite bloggers, I had to mention them.
Although this hadn't happened in January, it was on the 30th of December so fairly close! so I bought a film camera, I blame it on Lizzy Hadfield who is the queen of film photography and I wanted to try it out for so long, I'm still figuring it out, It wasn't easy getting to actually take photos, I ran out of battery when I wanted to take the full moon in picture... but I can't wait to get the first roll of film developed.
The month of January got off to a cracking start, I've been ill for the first two weeks so the majority of my days was spent in bed watching some episodes of Friends or catching up on my favourite blogs.
I tried to post a blog post every week and I succeeded, it's one of my 2020 intentions to blog more often because I love this blog and I've had it for four years now but I don't think I posted as much as I would have loved to;
I also went on so many long walks and listened to so many podcast episodes, mainly the Thick & thin podcastYoung & ambitious and Things you can't ask yer mum, they are three of my favourite shows ever and combined with a long walk around the city, it's my ultimate self-care activity.
Another one of my 2020 intention is to read more books, I started getting into reading again at the end of last year and now I'm itching to read more books, my first book this year was A faint heart by Disoyevsky, I didn't enjoy it but finished it and I also read the very hyped The art of not giving a F*, I liked it but it wasn't a very insightful book, I find the main ideas and concepts of the book have been already discussed by so many other authors before.
I was journaling regularly and I'm thinking about making my next journal a bit more creative with collages and drawings... I think I'm going to make it like a scrapbook and put photos, tickets.. bits that I would love to look back on later in my life.
Also, it's been so hot and I feel like we skipped Spring and we've welcomed Summer very early this year (chocked but not surprised, this is what leaving in Morocco is like!). with the temperature getting higher, but clementines had my back, I ate my weight in them, I'm obsessed.

This was my month, nothing exceptional but I learnt a lot of things and experienced another month living on my own, and I did so much adulting...

how was January for you? was it special in any way?


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