February 02, 2020

I think an update on the bedroom is overdue!
In today's post, I'm sharing the before and after of the bedroom which is not much of a difference, to be honest! keep in mind that the house has just been built and we did some changes in this room afterwards.
The bedroom door was opening on another room but we moved it to the other wall so it opens on the hallway and we made a built-in wardrobe in the wall that had the door (does this make sense?!!). Now it feels like a bedroom rather than a loungeroom, we still haven't installed the wardrobe fully (splitting & the doors) which means my clothes are still in boxes and suitcases but we'll get there hopefully soon.
I've gone with two shelved doors on either side and a larger hanging area in the middle, and since we have higher ceilings, I decided to add a couple of drawers at the top to store "not in season" clothes, suitcase and all the stuff you don't need regularly.
Paint wise, I went for a matte white because..classic. I love a dark feature wall but since the bedroom is a squared medium size shape, it'd have made it look smaller. And to be honest, I like the versatility of white because you can add character to the room with the decor you choose to go for, and as I've mentioned in this post, I'm going for bohemian/neutral vibes.
the blue skirting board isn't a choice of mine but it was already there when I got here and I couldn't be bothered to change it, as much as I know it won't matter when I have the rags and furniture, I might paint it sometime in the future.
I've also painted an old table we had in white, it was so scruffy and now it's much better looking, I'll use it as a desk/ vanity until I find a new desk or custom make it. I already started styling it with prints and trinkets and I'm loving how it looks.
next on the list is receiving the wardrobe doors, putting up a hanging shelf over the desk and adding some finishing touches.


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