September 19, 2018

Everyone needs a tote-bag in their life,it's a fact.but isn't it more fun and cool when it's personalized?!
I recently received this tote-bag * from TUNETOO and I couldn't be more satisfied.I had plenty of amazing designs and colors to choose from.but the cool bit is : you can choose to  personalize your item with whatever design you want from scratch. #winning.
The website has an endless amount of items : T-shirts,beanies,mugs,tote-bags...and the list goes on,every product comes in a multitude of colors and there are three different marking techniques (flex,print or embroidery).It's literally every "personalized items fan" website of dream,and can help a lot if you're stuck for a gift idea,I mean who doesn't love a custumized gift!  it turns a simple gift into  something so SPECIAL.


The tote-bag I chose is a geometrical world map design,which is from the independent designer collection  available on the website, it is made from organic cotton and it's of very good quality compared to its affordable price .
I went for a tote bag because I use them a lot and they come in handy so many times.whether when I can't be bothered to use a "normal" handbag,or I'm having a lot to carry (because let's face it,a tote-bag fits everything!),..running errands day ,or even when going grocery shopping (you've got to save the planet).it is so versatile.literally I ditched the boring ones I was using for this one once I received it.

I genuinely loved this brand .the website is easy to browse and very organised,they offer a very large list of products,endless customization freedom,all sizing from an S to a 4XL,they encourage independent designers,reasonable prices and good quality products.I would highly recommend it.

Here is what was in my tote bag while running some errands yesterday:
First of all,my wallet as I carry all of my cards in it and I need it all the time,my notebook where I write anything that pops in my mind while on the go,a pen (should I explain why?! hehe),my house keys,headphones ( a must when using public transportations),a book 
to read while waiting for the endless queue at the post office,a small purse where I keep a lip balm,perfume,gum,hand sanitizer..all the bits and bobs,and last but not least my huge reusable water bottle.I know I carry a lot of stuff with me but that's why I love a tote-bag,it's practical and you can fit your life in it!

tote-bag essentials

I hope you liked this post,thank you so much TUNETOO for this tote-bag. Let me know if you use and love a tote-bag as much as I do.
you can follow my instagram for more lifestyle photos and instastories of my everyday life,take care,I'll talk to you in the next post.

* Gifted item by Tunetoo

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  1. Real cute! I love the fun map design.

  2. You had me at “good for the planet”! Definitely a great idea and I love the design you chose. Tote bags come in handy! I have two that I just love so much❤️❤️

    1. well we have got to be good to the planet! thank you x

  3. This bag is soooo cute! I have so many totes/reusable bags, but I definitely need a personalized one :) Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna <3
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    1. thank you for reading,a personalized one is more "cool" isn't it?!

  4. I love a good tote bag, I find that they are so handy!

    Sophia xo //

  5. A tote bag can be so underrated! I personally have a little collection on rotation that I take with me to uni, but this one is so cute I might have to expand my collection a bit!

    1. you can never have enough totebags hehe!


thank you for your comment,have a lovely day!

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