September 12, 2018

expresso yourself

Today's post is a little different,it's a personal one that I've been putting off for so long I'm getting my courage up and finally writing it.
You may find that introduction I've just written above very emphasized, but this topic isn't something I write about usually....without any more suspens,this post is about how I'm feeling about being moroccan and blonging to the big blogging community.

So I'm an african girl,exactly Moroccan and I live in Morocco.I know I've written it in some of my posts and dedicated a whole post to it >> here<< ,but I still don't feel like I've given it its worth.It maybe doesn't make sense for you,but hear me here I'm about to explain;
according to my blog and social media analytics,more than 80 % of my audience are from forein countries,and the majority of them are either from the UK or the USA(don't worry I'm not about to list all of my  analytics here hehe.),and I've always prefered english as a language,I express myself more clearly when talking in english despite Arabic being my mothertongue language and french my second one.Don't get me wrong I love Arabic so much and find it one of the most interesting languages ever especially for its ellequency,and I mean who doesn't love french,the most posh language ever hehe.But still english has always got my heart,maybe because of it being an international language..Idk really!
Anyway,I'm not planning on talking about languages for the whole post,but I think writing in english has influenced my target audience and I love the fact of sharing my content with people from all arround the world,but still I'm not feeling good about "hiding" and not sharing enough about that part of my identity just because I have people from other countries following my blog.
I'm generally sooo proud of being moroccan and having african origins.I love my country so much,its culture,the people,the food (ooh the best) ..everything to be honnest. So I've been thinking recently about what makes me "ME",and came to the realisation that among my beliefs,knowledges,skills,personnality caracters.... ,my roots have a big chunk in making my identity.

To make this story short,I wanna show this part of me on here and on my other social media channels,I wanna take part in this community as a moroccan african girl,who loves what she does and loves sharing her thoughts and passions (now a bit more openly) with others,without ignoring her roots or being affraid of not belonging.Because we may have different languages,religions or colored skins but at the end we all belong to the human race.

 Well hello,I'm african moroccan,living in Sale (the neighbourhood of the capital of Morocco),I'm muslim,I wear hijab..and I'm proud these traits are part of me.
I've always seen people's countries on their instagram bios,and kept ignoring writing mine.It is now on all of my SM bios and on this blog too.And already I can feel a difference.It feels good to reveal that part of me on here,it makes me open to write about lots of topics I wouldn't write about before and to share more...
It took me a lot of time to realise it,but being moroccan will never make me any less worthy or hold me from taking part in the blogging community,I talk to people from different religions,contries and backgrounds ,I've always been encouraging them ... and l don't see what makes the other way impossible,don't you think so?
I definitely not saying that being moroccan made me feel ashamed even once in my life,or even that I've been "bumped" or maginalized in any way by anther blogger ( believe me or not, the blogging community is the most supportive and inspiring of all communities ) . I  was just doubting myself in the blogosphere since the majority of the community are from the US and Europe! Not anymore,I believe the blogosphere is for all of us and has space to fit everyone regardless of the race,religion...or any other form of human categorizations.

that's it for today's chatty post,I hope you liked it .let me know what you think about the topic?
If you'd like to see more of my everyday life in Morocco,foolow me on Instagram.I'll talk to you in the next post.


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  1. I absolutely loved this post and I'm so so proud of you, thank you for being so openly honest! It brought a smile to my face reading that you've added in being Moroccan into your bios because I really do think it's important and you should be so proud of your amazing heritage and background xxx

    Sending loads of love your way and thank you again for the lovely read (p.s your english is amazing!!!)

    Love Fi xx (

    1. thank you so much lovely for reading and for the adorable feedback,I'm glad you liked it xx

  2. This is a great post. I think you raise a good point about the downsides of blogging in English. The positive is that it makes us open to the world, and that's always good, the downside is that it can obscure our true identities. There are such good online translators that it makes me sad how many people would ignore a blog in a different language.

    I'm so pleased to hear you put Moroccan onto all your bios. You should show it off!

    1. thank you so much Jenny for reading and for your comment,I'm glad you like it and that we share the same position about the topic x


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