August 26, 2018

For as long as I can remember, I've always been a morning person. There's something about mornings that makes my productivity higher . I remember waking up at dawn during my exams period to get ahead of my revisions.and it always had been working.
now that I graduted, I'm still a morning person (not waking up at dawn though) and I still love it.
so in today's post, I'm going to list some of the steps that make my morning a better one.


1-A good night sleep 
I mean basic right? If you want to wake up early, it's really important to call it a night earlier. I know it is so tempting these days to scroll on social media at midnight which mostly ends up a 1am "oh I'll just check instagram for the last time" situation, but trust me ditching the phone an hour before bedtime and getting an 8hour nights sleep is the thing your morning self will thank you for.

2-Choose your alarm 
If you're a natural light riser then lucky you,I'm not there yet. But choosing the right alarm tone is already a good start, I've just changed mine to a slightly more calm tune and I can't recommend doing this enough.it is the first thing you hear when you wake up so make sure it is what you want to hear, just avoid the very calming music so it won't make you wanna stay in bed longer haha.


Water is your bestfriendif you want to feel refreshed and awake,it is magical how it boosts your metabolism .I always keep my bottle of water at my bedside table, it is now a habit to drink at least half of it first thing in the morning before doing anything else.

4-freshen up
Taking sometime to take care of yourself in the morning is really important, showering while using your favourite shower gel and doing all your skincare steps make you feeling fresh and ready for a fresh new day, I never wear makeup (yes that's true,you read it right hah!) but if you do, try and make an everyday makeup bag that will save you some spare minutes.

5-healthy breakfast
And here we are at the best part of all mornings (at least for me!).breakie yaay.I try to make it as healthy as I can,generaly some kind of fruit on top of yogourt with granola and tea ( I never forget about the tea).I don't wanna sound cheesy but breakfastis the most important meal of the day,it's basically the first fuel your body gets,you have to eat something.ngl sometimes I get some cravings and screw the whole healthy thing and go for a croissant,but you gotta treat ya self sometimes right?!

6-podcasts/calming music
I've been ignoring my phone in the morning for the most of time I can,and instead I've been listening to calming music while sipping my morning cuppa,it really sets the right mood to start the day on a positive note.I love to switch it up with some podcasts every now and then and it isn't less good as the music.
7-make the bed
It takes less than 3 mins and it does wonder to your day,having an organized house makes my mind a lot organized too.It is a small habit that you can implement to your start of the day, but definitely builds the ground for a better morning.

8-plan your day
Ohh the famous to-do list! I know sometimes we don't even wanna write it,the most of the time because it's as long as my arms.But what about writing just three important tasks without detailing them,okey let me explain,I always make sure to gather tasks from the same category as one big task,for example: instead of ,tidying the bedroom,cleaning the kitchen floor...I'll write: clean/tidy the house,and voilà you have already avoided having a long scary list! and belive me it works.

these are some of the steps that I do every morning to help start my day on the right foot,I hope you find it helpful and let me know in the comments some tips that makes yours a better one too.
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  1. Replies
    1. thank you for reading,I'm glad you find it helpful x

  2. Thanks for the tips �� my son starts school in a few days, so I need to become more of a morning person haha

    1. ooh good luck to him (and you),hope you find it easy to wake up earlier x

  3. I’m really struggling with waking up when my alarm is going off:( I’m thinking about getting a philips wake up light. Do you have any experience with that?
    Xoxo Annaleid

    1. I hope it gets easier for you soon,I only heard about the Philips wake up light in some youtube videos..and they sound like a good tool x

  4. Your breakfast looks so yummy! Love the tips in this post :)

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

    1. thank you lovely,glad you liked the post x

  5. I love this post :)


  6. A good morning is so important!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com


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