July 25, 2018

After graduating last year,I realized that I wasn't sure on what to do next,and I found a management degree a very vague field that I sure liked but not all of it,so I decided to make 2018 a year of professional experiences,to do as many internships as I can,and in different areas if possible.
The first hallf of this year has been all rush and went crazy fast,it was for me a non-stop period.I did two internships,the first for four months and the last one for two months (which was in another city far from home!) ,with no gaps in between.
so today,I'm here to share with you the whole experience of interning,the good and bad,what I learnt and how it went..


I said it before  and I'm repeating it again,finding an internship in Morocco is like looking for a needle in a haystack. if it's not through a string-pulling act,it's nearly imposible to have,which is so sad.

I applied to so many organisations and finally found one by the begginig of the year!


quite amazing,the team was super nice and the work environnement as well (especially for the first one!),I learnt a lot of skills and met new people...

it was a 9-5 internship,for sure I felt exausted the most of the time,and I hadn't had time to blog or to do things I like as much as I would,but in general I prioritized those internships because I knew I wanted to figure out my career path and to be honnest,I'm glad I did them and I'm 100% sure about never regreting these past six months.

But as everything has its own pros and cons,here are some:


  • New environment : meeting new people that you don't know,from different ages,study backgrounds and interests is something I found so enriching during these internships,starting conversations about topics you wouldn't chat about,discovering new passions...literally allthewins.
  • learning/improving : either professional or personal wise,I learned a lot of new skills,and improved others.
  • challenging yoursef: fact: I always have "the fear of the unknown". And the internships I did,made me challenge myself and embrace my fear.I now feel a lil' more comfortable with steping out of my comfort zone and daring new experiences.
  • gain experience: who doesn't love a full CV?! hehe .but yeah,a remarkable CV can open some new doors for new opportunities, I still want to discover new activity areas and to get a clear vision of what I wanna do next.
  • figuring out: last but not least,the reason why I did these internships is to figure out what I want to do next and wether or not I can see myself working in the field for more than two months.


  • that #TGIF thing : yes, a 9 to 5 job,five days a week means you can't wait for the weekend.the weekdays slip through my fingers and the weekends are gone as fast as lightning.I had time for nothing than to prepare my stuff and lunch for tomorrow.
  • eating crap : speaking of lunch,I can garantee you I ate 10* my bodyweight in pasta.that's when I don't forget to bring lunch/get lazy to make it.otherwise,chocolate bars and coffee from a vending machine are my go-tos. hashtag health! moral of things: you want anything easy to gain time.
  • No pay : we don't get paid for internships here in Morocco,and it really sucks , because you do a job you deserve to be paid for but nah you have to pay the transportation fees,your food ... everything from your money .

If you're wondering am I going to continue doing internships? the answer is yes,I want to gain more experience and get a clear idea of what to do next as I said before,and I can't thing of a better way than internships.

that's it for today's post,I hope you find it helpful ,and if you're in the same situation as me,let me know if you did any internship ,how was it and what did you gain from it? thank you for reading and I'll see you in the next post or over on my Instagram.


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