July 14, 2018

I have just checked the last time I posted on here,and to be honnest it chocked me how long it has been! four months ago whaaaat?! I assume we all know this but just incase you didn't pay attention to it : time flies so quickly these days.
I can't tell you how excited I'm to be back here,and how many content I got written down on my blogging notebook (it's rediculous),but I'm not gonna let " excited me" promise anything now.and before I'm back with any of my 'normal' posts,I thought I'd give you a little summary of what I've been up to these last months ,so get yourself a cuppa because it is not going to be a short one !


- Internship extention: If you follow me on my shocial media channels (Instagram especially),you would know that I've extended my previous internship period from two months to four,it was taking my whole day away and I was coming back home exausted after a 9-5 work day and all the transportations. but it was a really good experience that I decided to prolong the period. ( a post all about this internship is yet to come).

- My sister visit : I spent some quality time with my sister and her husband who are living in Turkey,we chilled at home and rambled about everything,had some girly days out ...it was so much fun.


- Tangier trip : I went on a "work trip" with the association I'm member in to Tetouan and Tangier, which are two cities in the north of Morocco.it's a trip we organise every year in benefit of children from poor areas.I always feel so good when I see their joy and excitement.

- Agadir/Ouarzazate trip : on the 16th,I went south this time,and it wasn't a three days trip of  fun neither,I applied for more internships and visited universities (boring stuff you know!).in brief,I was looking for new opportunities!

- End of iternship : yep! everything has an end, right?!,and let me tell you the goodbyes were so emosh!

- Bachelor's degree diploma : I went back to uni after a year worth of procrastination to get my diploma,I had to do it one day anyway haha.


Well,here things got so busy ..
- The new internship : yes,that's right,another one haha,and guess what? it was in Ouarzazate(520 Km away from home),so I had to rent an appartement,settle in and handle the heat (40 C the majority of time!).

It wasn't easy at the beggining but I got used to the situation and in general it's a good experience I'll never regret.

- Also,my birthday was on the 18th,and sadly I spent it alone.but my family has spoilt with so many gifts when I visited.

- Atlas mountains trip : after the end of my two months internship,I went on a trip to the countryside of Ouarzazate to recharge after six months of rush and stress ,it's so beautiful there (I shared so many snaps on instagram).it was just EPIC despite the unbearable heat.

And now back to the present,I'm home,daydreaming about the landscapes I was waking up to,drinking more tea than ever and doing boring work at my desk.

I have so many things I have/want to do,but 24h/day doesn't seem appropriate to do all of those things.I hope I'll get organised somehow and get through all the tasks soon.

So here you have it,a three month rewind just for you heh ,I hope you are all having the best of your time enjoying the sunny days,If you're interested in seeing what I'm up to on a daily basis,you can follow me over on Instagram and instastories,hoping that I'll post more regularly on here too.


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  1. Sounds like you've had a busy few months and some amazing trips too even if they were for work! Hope you're enjoying the Summer xx

    1. thank you lovely,I did enjoy the Summer x


thank you for your comment,have a lovely day!

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