March 03, 2018

March is already here and I'm not sure if I'm ready for Spring or still loving Winter's layers and hot drinks! but I think this year I want to experience every season to the fullest so I believe by the twenty of March I'll be buzzing for all things Spring-y.
As I shared my February goals,thought I'd try and make it a series of blogposts and post my goals for every month over here,maybe it's going to motivate me to stick to them and just because I find it so inspiring to read other blogger's goals of the month . so these are mine :

1- Hand in my internship dissertation as I'll be finishing a week from today,I'm a lil' ashamed to say that I hadn't really started writing it yet ,but this wasn't due to some sort of laziness but it's been some crazy couple of weeks for me..I believe I can do it and hand it on time.

2- Find another internship yes again another one,as I decided I'll try and do as many internships as I can,in multiple field related to Economics so Ican decide on what I like the most and enrich my CV at the same time.

3- Spend more time with my family as I said before,I had some difficult times some weeks ago dealing with one of the most special persons in my life's health issues,that period reminded me of how important taking care of my family is and spending more time with them is the smallest yet one of the greatest things I can do for them.

4- Plan blog content ahead because I don't want to leave the blog on stand by mode while on my internship,it happened and oh it didn't feel right to me not sharing what I wanted,not posting over here.... I'm not willing to repeat the same thing again.

5- Get back to writing poetry just because it made me happy in the past when I was doing it,spilling how I'm feeling on a piece of paper,getting my ideas out and documenting my days through it.

do you set monthly goals? What are your March goals? let me know in the comments and I'll be talking to you soon in another post x


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  1. Great post and love all your goals you have for March :) wish you luck with them all! I too love reading other people's goals for the month as it is so interesting to see everyone's journey :) my main goal is to get blog posts written a few days in advance as lately I have been leaving them last minute on the day and not getting them up kn regular times,oopsie hehe! Hope you have a lovely week! Take care Chantelle x

    1. Thank you so much Chantelle,seems like we have a common goal heh ,I wish you good luck with your goals too xo

  2. What internships are you looking for? This all sounds like pretty good goals and good luck

    Katie xx

    1. I'm looking for a community manager / digital marketing internship! thank you Kate xo


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