March 11, 2018

So I was meant to be finished with my internship this week, but guess whatI extended the period for another two months (will talk about this I another post).in today's post I want to share with you what have been my saviors during this time as an internsome must haves and some items I realized I really do needhere we go!

HeadphonesAKA my bus journey companionwith the Vv long time I spend on the bus (not even going to calculate,I'm sure you're not ready to hear it, hah)I find putting on a Podcast is really so entertaining and informative at the same time Win Win.

Travel mug: just because I wake up so early and sometimes I can't drink my morning, no tbh I make time for my cuppa everydayI sip it while getting ready BUT is one cup of tea sufficient? of course NOyou gotta bring the second one on the goespecially on this oh so coldrainy and windy weather.

Reusable water bottle: I've been trying to reduce my plastic consumption from years ago, and a re-usable bottle of water seems to me a major must, both because ethics and practicality!

Notebook & pen: Well, this is pretty much obvious, I think not only interns should have them, you never know when you need them. but with the internship, you do really need a notebook and a pen to note down every information and maybe start on your essay.

Glasses :if you work on a computer for a long period,YOU NEED them.I wear fatigue glasses just to protect my eyes when I'm reading or as I mentioned when I'm working in front of a screen.

Wristwatch : time is so important for an intern,and punctuality is one of my strong points that I want to keep,YOU GOTTA BE ON TIME! checking the time while waiting for the bus or taxi has become a reflex for me.

Emergency kit : a hand sanitizer,lip balm,small parfume...they're always needed,they make me feel a lil' more comfortable while I stay in an office from 9 to 4!

Power bank : this is something I need to invest in,because I still carry my phone charger in my bag like good ol' days hehe,and with all the social media scrolls on my lunch break,I have to feed my phone several times a day hehe.

Snacks : should I justify this?! Nooo.Okey we all need a snack when we're feeling peckish and need that midday pick me up,right?! a chocolate bar will be just as good for me,yes and please  heh. 

These are my must haves for my internship, what are your uni/internship/work essentials? 
hope you enjoyed reading this post and I'll chat to you in the next one! until then,you can find me over on Instagram where I share some snippets on instastories of my intern life  and some lifestyle photos in my gallery,and if you'd love to be up to date with my blog,you can follow my Bloglovin'.


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  1. You forgot money!😅 Great essentials list for internship. Will definitely need this. By the way, love the new layout of your blog if I haven't said so already.😅

    #sweetreats xx

  2. Yes I had to mention them,taking into account the multiple trips to the cafeteria for coffee breaks heh
    Thank you so much lovely


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