February 04, 2018


Oh hey February,nice to meet you again! I'm so excited about this month and all it has to offer.and tbh can't wait for Spring to make its appearance yaay for sunny longer days..! January has been a good one but was hell of a stressful month,I was all the time in a rush and didn't have time to do lots of things that makes me happy,so I'm really looking forward to organizing my time this month in order to be able to squeeze some fun things here and there.

Here's what's on February's  to do list:

1- finish the internship essay : at the end of this month,I'll be done with my current internship (what? I've been doing it for a month already?) and finishing the essay is one of my priorities this month,It's not the most enjoyable things to do but it has to be done!

2- find (another) internship : Yes,I want to do another internship but this time I hope I can find one in relation with marketing and preferably in digital marketing,I know it's not going to be easy to find it but at I'm going to do my best to have it !

3- participate in a creative workshop/ DIY : here's for the fun and more amusing part,I want to do something new and express my creativity more,so I'm looking for workshops near me to participate in, like pottery or calligraphy...something where I can use my senses,free up my mind from technology for a bit and  learn a new skill,WinWin.or even make some DIYs at home can be a great creative activity.we will where I'm gonna land,maybe I'm gonna do both!

4- have a day as a tourist in my own town : I did the same thing last year and wrote about the experience >> here <<,and I'm planning on re-doing it this month,it really does all good things to my mind,spirit and body,being on your own for a day and exploring your neibourhood is a great thing to do once in a while and it's even better if you put your phone offline.

these are my To-dos for February,I tried to combine between fun and productive.I hope your month will be filled with all what you wish for and that you'll achieve everything on your lists.
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