January 29, 2018

So TodaySouhaila turned two on the 24th of this month.I've been doing this blogging thing for two years,and still enjoying every single part of it.I still think creating my blog was one of the best decisions I've ever made.I learnt a lot about myself first and about blogging,shared thoughts I wasn't able to share in real life (and earned the courage to do so afterwards),definitely gained more self confidence,and all of this has to do with blogging.

I'm aware I didn't post as many posts this year as I did in the first one,it has nothing to do with feeling uninspired or unmotivated by the numerous "dramas"  that was going on the blogosphere...it was simply due to some personal issues I went through on 2017 and still dealing with them now.But the thing is,all I have to do is to remind myself of how much blogging makes me happy and allows me to escape "real life" with its negative sides for a peaceful moment where I share and intract with others about things I love..

I've been honest,shared what I believe in and what matters the most for me,took photos,taped the story ,edited...everything while putting all my heart into it.and on the other side,I "met" new amazing people,made friends,learnt skills,received some heart warming comments,and most importantly enjoyed the whole thing.


Blogging will still be a thing for me this year too (and probably one of my priorities),3rd year of TodaySouhaila,here we gooo!

posting wise,I'm not going to force it or rush it because that's not why I blog,I don't have a schedule,I will post when I feel the need to share,generally there will be a blog post every two weeks (or more,who knows?!).

Social media accounts : I'll try and post regularly on instagram (not just to gain followers, but to update my current followers!),I'll do my best to take part in twitter chats again,because I love chatting to fellow bloggers.

Better my photography : whether flatlays,or outdoorsy photos I want to uplift my photo taking game and take more photos in general.

Engage with / support other bloggers : because it costs nothing and probably will make them a bit more happy.


Everything I've mentionned from small victories,self improvement...YOU have took part in making it to become real. YOU reading this right now,wether you're new here (hey ,you're so welcome) or have been following me since the beginning,THANK YOU for taking the time to read this,for liking my instagram posts,for commenting....thank you for everything.


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thank you for your comment,have a lovely day!

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