December 09, 2017

I don't know about you,but I find it so interesting to know more about the person behind the blog I am reading,it makes me feel more connected with them and I'm not gonna lie,it satisfies the lil' curious in me hhh.Today's post isn't a get to know me (you can read that one >> here << ) as you can read from the title,it's about getting in depth with my ASSOCIATIVE  WORK experience.the When,How and Why of it,let's get started,shall we?

It all began three years ago, when my brother has asked me if I want to join the association he and a bunch of his friends have established in 2008,which is specialized in education,health,leisure especially of children.I wasn't sure if I will continue or not but I joined because I knew it's going to be a good experience and that I will certainly like it since I love lend a helping hand to others,it was the perfect opportunity.

2015 is the year where I discovered volunteering and since then I love every single thing about it,as I said the association I'm working for is interested in children and more specifically those from marginalized areas which means their days are limited in going to school and coming back home. No public playgrounds,no cultural centers,no libraries neither family holidays trips.they lack entertainment and activities to express themselves and let go of school "stress"...
This association is an NGO ,in other words it's independant from the gouvernment and have to make important efforts to provide's the hard part of it but we are doing fine in assuring the annual budget just by the contribution of the members and a few donations we receive during the year from annonymous who trust our work.

When it comes to activities and what we do for those children,we have four workshops:theatre which I run ,drawing,singing and leadership.we organise once in two months a small festival where the kids present all the things they learnt at workshops in front of their parents (I can't describe how they look proud of themselves on the stage aah) aaand in the Spring,we take them on a trip to one of the cities they choose by answering a poll,their excitement for the trip starts a week before as their parents say,they don't even sleep the night before .there is also a weekly football club ....
To some of you,it may seem so simple,but for those children,and others from countries of "the third world" or even underdeveloped countries, it means a lot and it's their only outlet to have the minimum of what all children need and deserve, a better education and a good life in general.

The smiles I see whenever I meet one of them and the way they approch me when they need something, is the first reason why I wanna continue volunteering,I feel like now I have the responsability to carry on making their everyday better and assuring they grow up enjoying their childhood and learning things school and home probably won't teach them.
Honnestly,I wouldn't recomment volunteering enough,it teaches you lots of skills (patience,communication,group work,engagement...) ,it  makes you proud of yourself and you feel that you have a personnal impact in making the world a better place,so if the opportunity comes up to you don't reject it and jump at it.

Hope you liked this post,personnally I loved writing it and taking you through this amazing journey that has just began for me.let me know in the comment section have you ever been volunteering? and share your can follow me on Bloglovin to be up to date with the blog xo.
"One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time "
"no one can do everything but everyone can do something" 


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