December 30, 2017

It is currently 9 am on the twenty-ninth of December which means two days are left before 2017 ends.I decided I wanna write a post rewinding my year,not that it was the best year ever but anyway,I thought it would be interesting to read this post next year and see how much has changed (if something changed!)

Well, my 2017 started with me graduating from my Economics and Management degree,I finally managed to graduate after all the stress,pressure and the days I spent panicking about it all.I blogged (not so many posts though!) about things I'm interested in and shared my thoughts with you,"met" so many of you on here,Instagram,Twitter..loved reading and replying to your comments.I went on many local trips (Chefchaouen : the blue city ,Ouarzazate,M'hamid,Agdez..), and I'm still volunteering for an NGO for the third year in a row,you can read about it all >> here << .as a person,of course,I've grew up through everything that happened,I learnt a lot about me,about others and the world in general, I made MY own opinions on different things and stood for them all.

Now,this year wasn't all roses and sunshine,it was actually the worst year of my life after the 2013.I don't have much to say about it,because in fact,I don't have answers for the 'WHY?'and 'HOW?'.All I know is that I felt tired and lost.and looking at what I've done/achieved this year,I realise how empty it was and how much I could have done.
I did my best to overcome everything and it wasn't easy,my days were all the same and my nights as well with a bit of a twist: Insomnia,negative thoughts,tears...

You don't know how hard it is for me to write this part,I hesitated a lot and cried throughout it,limited what I write and re-read it for N times because I'm not ready to put it all on Internet.maybe it wasn't that scary for you to read but for me,sharing just a lil' bit of what I've been keeping for myself for a long time is Terrifying.I wish I can talk about how amazing my year was and list my endless achievement but nah,I'm being real with you here.

This was the chronicle of my year (not much,isn't it?) but on a bright note,I hope your 2017 was good for you (and better than mine),I wish you all a joyful and happy new year.thank you so much for reading this and for all the support you gave me this year,it means a lot for me,THANK YOU .


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  1. Sounds like it's been a wonderful year for you. Have a wonderful 2018.

  2. I'm sorry 2017 wasn't a great year for you, but there's always 2018! Sending you all the health and happiness for the year ahead x


  3. I'm happy that you're sharing what you're comfortable sharing with us, and I hope the new year you can have all the time you need to recover and grow since 2017 wasn't the best year. You got this.

    Kyia Belle // http://kyia-belle.blogspot.ca

    1. Thank you so much Kyia for your words,it means a lot to me.I wish you a wonderful year filled with hapiness and joy x

  4. i'm sorry that 2017 wasn't the best for you but I do hope 2018 is much more better than 2017. Also, congrats on graduating!

    1. thank youso much Syakirah,I hope 2018 will be a good one for you too x

  5. 2017 wasn’t my year either. And I won’t stand here and claim 2018 is going to be the best. But I feel like the past is behind us all and the year will be what we make of it.

    1. ooh I'm sorry your 2017 wasn't the best but as you said we have to aim for the future,I hope 2018 will bring you so much joy and everything you wish for


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