November 08, 2017

You're probably wondering rn, Are you Moroccan?! yes I am. possibly 99% of you don't know it but here you go now it's clear for you.I was born in Morocco,grew up here and spent all my 22 years here as well.I love everything about Morocco as a country ,so I'm dedicating today's post to it 
the 6th of November marks the anniversary of the Green march .what a great timing for this post !

so these are SOME of the things I love about Morocco:

1- The hospitality : Moroccan people are very known for their friendly and generous way they receive their guests,with a smile on the face,kind words ,the most delicious traditional food (couscous,Tagine,rfissa...) and endless courses of Moroccan tea of course.whether they know you or not,they are always willing to help and I was in different situations where tourists were hosted for free by families (this happens a lot in countrysides).

2- The landscapes : what to say more than it's breathtaking,I'm now 22 years old and I've been to different cities from the four corners of Morocco's map,and oooh eem gee,I always get surprised.Morocco has mountains (Toubkal is the highest peak in the North Africa and the Arab world) oceans,forests,desert,waterfalls..literally never felt the 'need' to travel abroad but certainly there are other places I wanna see and explore other than Morocco.
ps: Marrakech isn't the only place worth visiting when in Morocco,everywhere from North to South is beautiful.Chefchaouen-the blue city is one of my fave and it's classed the 6th beautiful city in the world.

3- The food : come on I gotta include the food,Moroccan cuisine is so varied,savoury or sweet you have a huge list of choices,Couscous (the most famous dish),R'fissa (my fave),Tagine (with veggies or with beef and prunes),Bastila (a sweet pastry with chicken and almond)....in brief you certainly gonna find your joy.

4- Moroccan crafts : Moroccan traditional makers are very talented and they make the most beautiful creations ever,handcrafted Moroccan carpets,silver/bronze embossed trays and tea pots,interior decor,poufs,clothes (Takchita which is a Moroccan party dress)....

5- The weather : I love a good sunny day and I feel so grateful for the weather we have in Morocco all year around (almost),sunny and warm in Summer,sunny and crispy in Autumn.and I can't be more happy about it.although it does suck sometimes when you miss having those chilly nights with cosy blankets and fuzzy socks but for this I gotta wait till winter.

6- The culture : Morocco's culture is so rich and is influenced by many historic events.the French and the Spanich protectorates which you can notice in the architecture of different Moroccan cities.also the succession of different dynasties,and religion diversity ...Moroccans speak Arabic as their first language,some of them speak Amazigh,and French as a second language, then Spanich as the third one.Music wise,there are various types: classic Moroccan music,Amazighmusic,Ahidous(South),Rai(east),G'naoua,Issaoua music,Rggada...

7- Moroccan tea : is it even a Morocco related post if I don't mention the famous Moroccan tea? nah.it's very specific and has its own taste,if you've tried it in a tea bag bought at the supermarket,I'm so sorry, but it's not what I'm talking about.it has to be made in a moroccan tea pot with moroccan mint,served in embossed small tea cups and it'd be amazing if it's made on coal and not on the stove,oh I forgot to tell you ,Saharians (those who live in the desert)  make it better .so many criterias? I don't think so! hhh.

so these are some of the things I love about my beloved Morocco,and there are many others I couldn't type out 'cause it's gonna take me ages to write and for you to read,so maybe next time when you're in Morocco I can chat to you about them while sipping some tea hh.I'm so sorry I couldn't take photos for all the things I mentioned but you can find my Morocco related board on pinteret >> here <<,I update it regularely and the photos there are just magical .

what do you like the most about your country? 


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