November 16, 2017

A cup of tea makes everythig better they said,and I couldn't agree more! when feeling cold tea is the answer,when I'm feeling nervous again I have the same answer,when I'm done with the day..yes you guessed it right..tea is always the answer.however,I don't have the same kind of tea for all these states of mind and mood!

with this being said,in today's post I'm taking you through my endless cups of tea per day,the when and the why of their uses (at least according to me heh).shall we start? 

Rise&shine  (ginger/lemon) : I won't be exaggerating here but the first thing I think about in the morning is my first cuppa of the day, literally it's the first small thing that makes me happy everyday. I don't stick to one kind of tea every morning but I often go for a lemon and ginger green tea as I find it so tasty and more appropriate for this time of the day and it's known for its great effects on the digestive system too,so it's a WinWin situation.

pick me up (peppermint) : about midday, when I'm feeling a lil' bit meeh and want something to keep me going or even just an excuse to have a cheeky snack with the tea (which tend to happen a lot heh),I go for fresh peppermint green tea, it’s so refreshing but also the peppermint in it is reputable for boosting metabolism, which is what I'm looking for .

Chelax (rose tea) : 
well, I can hear you saying "rose tea?! Is it a thing?! ".yes it is, and it tastes so good as I mentioned >> here <<.for me, when I make myself a rose tea, it feels like I'm in a Spa, a facemask on, and a book in hands, some lighted candles...and you are sorted for a pamper evening in. Okay back to reality, rose tea is a good source of vitamin C, an anti-fatigue aaand (drum roll) it alleviates menstrual pain.so now you know what to do when you're on this time of the month. It’s not worth saying that this one gets a big YES from me.

catching the Zzzzs (chamomile/verbena) : 
last but not least, my final cup of the day is a chamomile or vervain tea (this time without green tea),actually, I don't like the taste of chamomile and generally go for vervain instead, and it does the same job : calming and gets me ready to snooze.
I recently integrated this to my evening routine, and after struggling with insomnia for a long time, I won't say it's all gone now but  it for sure has attenuated, highly recommend it.

This is my daily tea intake (almost),of course I do have two or even three from each but shhh heh.also,I forgot to mention that I can't cope with having milk in my tea (don't hate me if you like it that way !).
I hope you like this post and hopefuly it will make your cup of tea different to your usual.let me know what is your go to tea


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  1. Ginger and lemon is always my go-to! So good for you and easy to drink :)

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  2. My go-to is either matcha or jasmine green tea! Matcha in the morning, jasmine in the evenings. I actually like how unique this post is, or maybe I just like it because I love tea, haha!

    1. I've never tasted a matcha tea,sounds great,I might give it a try.and jasmine is so appropriate for the evening.Thank you for your comment x


thank you for your comment,have a lovely day!

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