September 23, 2017

If you've been reading my blog for a while now ,you'll know that I've been posting about my current faves evey now and then,the change now is that I'm planning on making it a weekly thing.
as its name indicates,I am going to be sharing my fave bits of the week : blogpost,video,quote,song,poem,.....anything I find interesting and could be a new discovery for you (or not).

This is the first one ,I hope you will enjoy it,let me know what you think in the comment section. Without further ado,let's get started!

Blogpost : a travel guide to Morocco,well detailled and with some amazing recommendations and incredible photos, itinerary to two weeks in Morocco from the globe trotter Kiersten,the californian girl who left her career to travel the world and has already visited 50 countries.I've just discovered her blog and oooh I loved how her posts are always complete.100% worth a visit!
Video : this video from mijlof.mov on instagram is epic,the footage,editing skills and the music he choose for his videos are always on point,to be honnest every single post on his Instagram  gives me adventure cravings.

Song : I'm really into Arabic music right now,especially the soft Lebanese music, and more particularly covers from Faia younan who has an angel voice ,I know most of you don't understand arabic but even the rhythms are so great aaand I can't say more about it really.If you're feeling nosy you can listen to this cover  .

Quote : as much as I'm into arabic music,I've been loving poems from one of the greatest poets and authors that arabic litterature has known,the palestinian Mahmoud darwich.and this is my fave quote from him :
" we have on this earth what makes life worth living "

It's taken from a poem where he listed the things that makes life worth living and I totally agree with everything he mentionned.

Photo : well, it's not easy for me to choose from all the Instagram photos I loved this week but this photo from Thepinkdiary from Alaska has got me speechless.this view is so dreamy,don't you think so?! (check the photo on instagram for a better quality!). 

that's it for this weekly faves,I hope you like the idea ,let me know what was/were you discovery (ies) for this week ? you can follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin' to stay up to date with the blog ,and  I'll talk to you in the next post .

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