June 10, 2017

Hello and welcome (welcome back) to my blog, I hope you’re doing well and you’re having a good day, in today’s post, I’m going to talk to you about my graduation and basically me finishing with Uni . yes it’s going to be  a rambly one but I really want to share my experience with you.

But first, let’s get back in time a little bit yo when I was at the primary school, back then I was dreaaaming about being a veterinarian as I said in this post ,it was literally the only career/ profession I could see myself doing when I grow up,I love everything nature related and I’m obsessed with animals. With my innocent child mind, I believed that by being a veterinarian I can spend more time with animals and take care of them as much as I can, I had this dream for nine years growing and growing every year , I’m not sure if I can say ‘DREAM’ or a ‘GOAL’ because I worked hard for it ! I went crazy with the idea and (no joke) had so many dreams where I was wearing doctor’s apron and holding a doctor’s bag ,literally I was obsessed!
Came the time to choose an A level fild and I choose the one that no one “Agronomic science” ,you can study this A level just in a boarding school which is far away from my family house, I was 18 and have always been attached to my family. Everyone told me: “don’t do it”,” you’re gonna suffer” , “are you sure about it ?” I went for it and worked hard toget good marks, I can’t deny it was v.v hard for me to be far away from my family…but finally the year finished and I got my A level with honor and I was the 1st student of  the school yaaay!

2013 ,here the fun began ,no not really ,I wasn’t able to enter the veterinarian school and hadthe worst time of my life ,I got chocked, cried a lot, stayed up nights and was angry thewhole time (which I wasn’t ),I basically changed 360° ,I rebelled on everything and found joy in nothing.I asked myself a hundred of questions and couldn’t find any answer.but I knew I SHOULD find at least the one for what are you gonna choose as a degree at Uni ? I had no idea .but I was obliged to find one (what a freshly student with A level does ? ) .I chose Economics and Management studies which I’ve never ever thought about or about studying it,just like that,I was desperate and I told myself anyway my situation can’t get worst.
September came and I started going to lectures and working my best, this time not just to get good marks but also to find interest in what I was studying and again it was tough.

Three years of Uni,me going to uni bright early in the morning and coming back in the peach black,studying at the liberary,and spending my bus rides thinking about what I’m doing with my life,am I doing it right?...and again no answers.
Finally, on the 2nd of February, I graduated. I honestly felt nothing when I saw it on the Uni website, I cried (again) and felt nothing, I said “a chapter of your life has finished Souhaila , What next?

Now, I’m an unemployed girl, blogging sometime, checking all of my social media feeds several times in a day, sleeping a lot, and being "lazy" the most of the time.
In these last four months, lots of the days I felt empty and have nothing interesting to do, I compared myself with my fellow freshly graduated students online, they do what they love and already sorting their life out. That’s what I see but I’m not sure about how they feel about their life, maybe they are having the same struggle as me! All I want to say is life can’t go always the way you want and you can’t have everything you want ,but be sure that the future is holding you something great  you hadn’t even thought about .

I keep reminding myself that now is my time to relax, do nothing and all the things I hadn’t the chance to do when at Uni, I don’t have to compare myself to other because everyone has his own life, his own priorities … What next? I don’t know and I don’t want to feel obliged to find an answer immediately, because I believe I’m going to figure it all out someday.
All I know now is I want to make the rest of my 20’s a self-discovery journey, try different things, size opportunities and enjoy because all I have is NOW.
I hope you liked today’s post ,thank you for reading and let me know what are you thought about it? Make sure to follow me on Instagram (I post some bits of a post-grade student hh) and Bloglovin’ to get updates whenever I post on here .

‘It’s Life. You Don’t Figure It Out. You Just Climb Up On The Beast And Ride’. – Rebecca Wells

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  1. Sohaila, firstly congratulations on your graduation (and all the good marks leading up to this moment.) Second, don't lose your dream. If you still enjoy working with animals, perhaps there's an opening for you in that field, using your current degree. Alternatively, is it possible for you to pick up another subject or two and do them via correspondence? I wish you all the best. You obviously have lots of perseverance and you're going to have a fabulous life once you've figured out what comes next! Another refreshing drink with oodles of health benefits.

    1. thank you so much Shirley for your kind words,I can't study via correspondance but maybe I'll find something to do to use my degree and at the same time do what I like x

  2. I agree with Shirley. If you're feeling this way and not sure what to do, you should go back to your first love and figure out how you can get more of that in your daily life. Maybe an animal shelter or a vet or even a working farm has a need of your new skills.

    1. thank you Jennifer for you comment and the advice,I'll make sure to think about it x

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your journey. You're inspiration, you know that? I know it will all work out for you, so just take this time to fully enjoy life and re-connect with yourself! :)

    1. thank you so much Josephine for your sweet words,it means a lot x

  4. I loved reading this. I graduate next year and I am excited/nervous! thanks for sharing!


  5. Congratulations on graduating, such an achievement!! I'm about to graduate soon too and I have so many mixed emotions! I feel as though our 20s are an emotional rollercoaster haha! I also have friends that graduated awhile ago and they too, took awhile to figure out their next step, but there's nothing wrong with that - everyone's path is different :) I hope you've enjoyed your time to do a whole lot of self-discovery and I'm sure your next step will come to you soon enough! x
    Chante xo | www.chante-louise.com

    1. thank you so much Chante ,your comment means a lot and good luck on your studies x


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