May 20, 2017


Guess what, I turned 22 woop woop ,no really it doesn't feel like this,it feels just normal or  a lil' bit weird, like how does the time fly so quickly? because I've always felt like I'm 18 (not a joke)  I've stopped counting when I was 18 hh.

so I was planning on making my birthday a little bit special as I do all the years,I have a princess-y breakfast in bed ,I go out for lunch in a restaurant,buy an auto-gift and chill with family...do all the fun stuff .but unfotunatly,I was sick the day before and I lost all desir in doing all these things.

the 18th of May, I woke up like nothing is happening,looked at the mirror and wished myself a happy birthday and carried on with the day like all the other days.I received some birthday wishes from my family members and some friends from Instagram and Twitter,but the day was just NORMAL.but my family has turned the day around hh.


On my birthdays I tend to be so phylosophical and think about my life in depth,what am I doing,how and when...? this year I noticed that I've grown so much and changed a lot,discovered so many things about myself,met new people,did new things and uplifted my self-confidence. It's the second year of Todaysouhaila and I love it more than before,I finished my bachelor's degree,I'm a member in an NGO that helps children from marginalized areas...and I'm so excited for the future to reveal its surprises,to discover and do more things ,the things I love and most importantly keep going on my journey towards building the best version of me.all of these are maybe small things for some of you,but I appreciate every single step I took and I have no regret about my past,I learned from my mistakes and I'm sure I'll make some new ones in the future and hopefully learn more

I think no matter how small our achievements are,it's always important to celebrate them,right?

All of this is to remind myself first and you as well,I'm 22 but I (you) have plenty years ahead of me (you) ,just enjoy every single moment because every day is a SPECIAL one.and to thank my family who has surprised me with the birthday party and everything..and thank you for all the lovely messaged I received on Instagram and twitter ,I'm so grateful for having them and you 

Thank you for reading .let me know in the comments what are you proud of doing/achieving ..? make sure you're following me on Bloglovin' (I'm nearly at 100 followers ) and I'll talk to you next Saturday with another post or in the comments x

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Enjoy being 22 x

    Nev | Miss Nev

  2. Happy belated! It was weird when I turned 22 in October as well. I literally stopped counting my age and when people ask me, I always said I was younger until I remembered that I'm old. It's scary how the time flies!


    1. glad to know I'm not the only one that feels like this hh,thank you for reading Katherine x

  3. Happy belated Birthday. There are so many birthdays to follow. :-)
    Have a nice weekend. Love, Esther


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