May 27, 2017

One of my fave videos to watch on youtube is A day in my life ,you can say I'm so nosy ..I don't know but I find it very interesting to see what people are up to in their life,and it's also a way for me to get to know more about the person behind the chanel!

In today's post, I am gonna bring you along with me on a day,it was the 25th of May,I hope you'll like it,I don't usely see this on the blogosphere but I thought I'll give it a try,so here it is!

8:30 am  The time I woke up,lately I've been waking up early (before 8.30 am sometimes) ,although I don't have that much things to do as I finished uni ,but my biological clock has made its decision hh what can I do?! but I'm not complaining because I get to do more things and feel more productive,they say "the world belongs to those who get up early" .

9.00 am I did the 5-4-3-2-1 game ,it's basically a "game" I play every single morning,it helps me focus on the moment and it keeps me away from my phone for some mindful moments.if you hadn't heard about it,here is what's it about: you list (I do it orally)
  • 5 things you can see
  • 4 things you can feel
  • 3 things you can hear
  • 2 things yo can smell 
  • 1 thing you can taste
aand that's it. I also note down some sentences of gratitude and answer some questions..if you're interested in more let me know in a comment and I'll do a post all about it :)

9.30 am I made my morning cup of tea and some breakfast ,and took out my Agenda to plan the day ahead,although I had just some lil' bits to do and I had the entire day free.

10.00 am At this time I stick to the phone,check my emails,respond to the pending comments,and scroll down my Insta and twitter feeds,stalk people I follow on instastories ya know all of that Jazz! I'm very active on Instastories lately and shared a lot of my days on there so make sure to follow me on Instagram!

11.45 am Okey I'm sure I didn't spent 2 hours doing the Social media things,but I can't remember what else did I do,so at 11.45 it was Shower time!

12.00 pm  I started getting ready,and as you know from my 10 facts about me post I don't wear makeup at all,so getting ready for me means applying some moistrizer,a sun cream and a lip balm,bob's you're uncle !
then changed and prepared my handbag.

1.15 pm Headed to town,had a lil' stroll with my sister and felt hungry so we decided to have lunch.

2.15 pm Lunch time,we went to a pizza restaurant,and it was so delish,but most importantly we sat outside,it was gloomy that day but we enjoyed the fresh air and the cute cats that surrounded us .

3.15 pm  We visited the musuem near the restaurant where we had lunch,there was  Pablo picasso exhibition,and it was Epic,I love the architecture of this musuem and how bright the building is...I really enjoyed discovering more of Picasso's life through his works of art.Unfortunatly it was prohibited to take photos so I got the chance to take just one photo before the security man has informed me !

4.00 pm  Then we went to the nearest park,and sat talking for hours,catching up on everything and anything hh,luckily the sun came out and it was so nice.

6.00 pm  Finally we decided to leave the park to go home,but first,"let"s get a takeaway" said my sister,I agreed and we went to a pastry shoop and got souchons and some Moroccan olives (they are the best olives) emm 

8.00 pm  Arrived home ,changed to comfy cloths and ate dinner.had some quality time with my family and re-scrolled down the SM feeds.

10.00 pm  Brushed my theeth,washed my face and tucked up in bed ( with my phone in my hands which is the worst habit I have) I try to read before bed to avoid electronics before sleep but lately I've been tempted by the phone more,maybe because the book I'm reading atm is boring!

this was my day ,I hope you enjoyed reading this post,if you would like to read more of A day in the life posts ,let me know in the comments ,and make sure to follow the blog on Bloglovin' and Facebook where I post some extra photos,posts,chats.. also the page is just one follower away from 100 yaay,
take care of yourself and I'll talk to you in next Saturday's post or in the comment section x.

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  1. You're right, being nosy is always fun. Thanks for sharing your day! Always love a bit of Picasso :)


  2. I play that 5-4-3-2-1 game when I have anxiety! I also love watching people's A Day In The Life and I enjoyed reading yours!


    1. ooh yeah it's so helpful ,thank youfor reading Kathrine x

  3. Fun post. I definitely need a sister I can go strolling with! I guess it's too late for that though. I don't know when I last had a laid back day like this. How lovely. Do you suffer from arthritis? Or bloating? Do you have high cholesterol? Read about the knobbly ginger root.

    1. you can always do the same with friends,and days like this are much needed from time to time,thank you for reading,I'll check your posts x

  4. Loved this post Souhaila, it's a great personal post that lets us explore with you. A wonderful idea for a blog post.

    Not Copper Armour // Bloglovin'

  5. I personally really like looking through people's days too! It motivates me to be productive throughout mine. Love this post! x

    Bits of Reg | Regina

  6. I'm not the only one then hh,thank you for your visit x

  7. MysticalHoneyBooSpecial23/07/2017, 14:00

    I love your posts. :D



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