March 18, 2017

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well and you're excited for spring as much I am hh,ok in today's post I'm gonna list some of the bits  I like at the moment,without too much speaking,let's get started!

Blog : to be honnest I didn't had the time to read as many blogposts as I would usuely but Shakespearandsparkle is one of my faves,the bright photos Jenni takes,and her content in general is so good,definitely worth a visit.

Music : I listen to so many tunes lately,and I love to have it on when in the bus or having a walk,I have a playlist (let me know if you'd be interested in a whole post dedicated to that ) on my phone that I'm loving but the best one is ~Goosebumps~ by Travis scott,but I slightly prefer Alex Aiono cover.

Food/drink : it sounds boring for some of you but I've been craving all sorts of naughty snacks lately particularly chocolate emm,and this Cote d'or praliné tastes so good, but don't worry I've been reasonable hh.

Apps : Pinterest has my heart right now,I can spend ages scrolling down my feed and not get bored at all ,it gives me so much inspiration and who on earth doesn't love pretty photos?,in brief I'm in can follow me there,I'm sooo active.

Quote : "sometimes you win, sometimes you learn " because itmeans a lot for me especially at this time ,it reminds me that there is always a good sight in the bad things,no matter what they are,and keeps me going through the bad things I come across to find the good things at the end .I don't know if you noticed or not,but I have a sidebar widget with "the quote of the month" I update it every month ;).

To do : I've always been a self-care lover,I love to take some time just for me and me only to do the things I love,have a cup of tea in the afternoon while watching some youtube videos is how I treated myself recently.

that's it for today's post,I'd love to know you current/recent faves and don't forget to follow my blog on Bloglovin' to be updated whenever I post here xo

Love ,Souhaila xo

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  1. Totally agree with Pinterest and Goosebumps. Have you heard Alex Aiono's cover of the song? In my opinion, his cover makes the actual song sound better.

    Ps: You've been nominated for the One Lovely Blogger Award by me. All infor can be found on my blog.

    #sweetreats xx

    1. yes Alex aiono cover is my best,and reallydoes make the song great.
      thank you for the nomination lovely xoxo

  2. I love that song, but haven't heard that cover yet. Definitely will check it out, thanks for sharing!

    1. yes it's so good and that cover makes it more amazing ,thank you for you comment xo

  3. The only thing I saw was chocooooooooolate!

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Fellow chocolate lover here! Haven't tried that one - my addiction lately has been sea salt dark chocolate <3 SOOO good!

    Britt |

    1. hey :) I like this dark chocolate and sea salt combo too xo


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