March 11, 2017

It's the first diy I do on my blog and certainly it's not gonna be the last one,I love DIYing so much,and I did it frequently when I was a kid but these last few days I rediscovered my love for it,
I can spend ages on Pinterest getting inspired and taking some ideas of things I can make and I can't describe my feeling after finishing a diy ,so proud hh

today's DIY is some minimalist bookmarks ( black/white ) ,for those of you who read so many books, it'sthe perfect excuse to make these bookmarks they are simple and easy,or just as a gift for your BFF. 
here we go :


  • white card stock
  • black tape
  • ruler
  • black pencil
  • scissors
  • black thread
  • paper punch


1/cut the paper card into stripes of             ,punch one of them on the top in the middle ,then

2/ cut a small piece of black tape,and stick it to both sides of the paper you already cut ,and voilà you're done!

3/ same process but this time we want something geometric,you can play with the tape as you want till you're satisfied with the result,mine is just two stripes of tapes in a diagonal way.

4/ get your black pencil and draw some random lines on the paper card,try to make it as much geometric as you can,(I'm not a good drawer as you can tell hh).

5/ this one combines the tape and a word of your choice,you can write whatever you want and it would be perfect if you have some calligraphy basics so you can write the word in an aesthetic way. I choose to write READ as it's the first word that comes to my mind when thinking about books (so basic hh).

6/ the last one is for someone who want to take his time drawing a mandala,it takes time but the result is so beautiful and looks so nice,you can follow some steps over on pinterest there are so many you can like and it's so much therapotic and calming.

and these are the six bookmarks I made,I'm using them all the time,to mark my books,my diary,my BUJO ....and I gave some to my sister,it's a nice gift to show your love to someone since you've took the time to make them.

I hope you like this post and let me know which is your favourite bookmark was,mine is the one with just the tape.make sure you're following me on Bloglovin' there are so many exciting posts coming in the next days  

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  1. Such a cute bookmark diy idea! Love the different patterns xx


  2. These actually look so cute ! I like the mandala one the most. I'm interested in DIYs too and I'm looking forward to reading more posts like this :) -Nusha

  3. Super cute - loving the simplicity, and if by chance something happens to one of them they are cheap and easy to replace! Perfect for travel, reading at camp, etc (I may or may not have set a bookmark directly into a cup of tea while in a lawn chair at camp not paying attention as I took it out of the book I was reading)

    Britt |

    1. indeed ,they are perfect for travel (especially after hearing your story )you won't be bothered if they get damaged xo


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