February 19, 2017

Oh hello! hope you're doing well,today's post is a travel one,it's about an old trip but a very special one for me since it was to one of my favourite cities of the North of Morocco accompanied with my sister ♡  ,we had so much fun and falled in love with Chefchaouen ♡ actually we did two cities (Assilah as well ) but I thought I'll post the photos seperately,cause I took so many and it's gonna be a lot of them in this post.

one thing's sure when visiting Chefchaouen,your SD card will return home saturated from the plenty photos you'll take,in other words,Chefchaouen is a photography worthy for's all in blue and white (my happy colors hh) and the people there are leaving the meaning of simplicity and are so friendly and kind.

I took literally 1200 photos with my phone and the camera,and I could take more if I haven't got to stop photographing and enjoy the moments hh.
in Chefchaouen,and I won't hide how it was so deficult to choose from all of the photos ;)

so that's it for today's post,it was a " not chatty" one but I thought I'll change a lil'bit from the so informative and talky ones hh hope you like it and don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' ♡to make sure you're not missing a post of mine,have a great day and talk to you in the next post ♡

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  1. Such a helpful post! :)

  2. Really pretty photos!

  3. Lovely pictures! I've been always wanting to go to Morocco, they are so vibrant and unique!

    1. thank you Nerissa, and I'm sure you're gonna love Morocco even more if you visit it,there are a lot of lovely places to see xoxo


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