BYE 2016, OH HELLO 2017 ♡

January 18, 2017

Aaaand hello there! yes it's me again, I know long time no see but I have excuses [finals].I can't express how glad and happy I am to be back blogging again,I miss everyting about the 'blogging world'.
today's post is going to be about my 2016 sum up and an idea of how I'd love my 2017 to treat me ,what a first post of the year surprise hh .


when I get asked to describe 2016 in a short sentence,my answer is " it's a discovery year" why? because I discovered so many things through 2016 ,mainly about myself as a person and about life in general,I learned new things,traveled to so amazing places,met new here's the recap of my 2016.

Self-confidence : I learnd to not give a sh**t to what people think of me,to do whatever makes me happy and faced my fears by doing so many things I couldn't do before . Now I'm not saying I reach the top of self-confidence but I notice a significant jump and I feel so proud of where I ARRIVED to!

TODAYSOUHAILA : I created this blog nearly a year ago, and it was the best thing I made in 2016,love every single I made because of it and can't wait for what it's coming ♡   ps: if you hadn't noticed yet,I changed the blog layout,I did it by myself I know it's not perfect but I'mfar away from being an HTML/CSS expert, so I did what I could and pretty much happy with it 'cause I wanted it to be simple and pure.

Travel : I got the chance to explore more beautiful cities of my country,Marrakech ,Errachidia ,Ifrane ,Azrou ,Mohemmadia...and oh it was realy soothing and eye-opening about how travel is the most thing I love doing.

Great experiences: also learned that facing fears was the step I lack to experience new things and enjoy life to the fullest,I mean just the little doubts that hold me back for ages,not letting me try and enjoy new things,

I took part in COP22 which is an international conference about climate change and got to meet people from arround the world with different backgrounds ,and it made my year, I as well joined an NGO that works with children from marginilized areas,and omg how I enjoy every minute spent with them and seeing their smiles oooh ♡

New people : meeting new people was on the list of MY 2016 ,and yes I did meet a lot of lovely people in real life as well as on the internet ,they've made my 2016 more beautiful and here I'm talking about fellow bloggers ( Ashley -  Mich_dl - John - Nusha ..) thank you for being so supportive and inspiring,I'm so lucky to know you .and of course YOU reading this,I appreciate every minute you take to visit my blog ,to comment, you all ♡.


Here's to 2017 ,I'm exciteed to see what this year is holding for me,to be honnest, I was excited from the beginning of December for this year to come,I wanted a change,new adventures,memories...I don't know what 2017 will be like but what I'm sure about is that I'll make it a memorable yeart,with more YES to new opportunities,collecting new memories and making the most of this year.

here's what I hope 2017 treats me with and what I'm going to work on in this year:

Experience new things : I want to jump out of my comfort zone,do more creative adventureous,funny things,find out new hobbies,in otherwords, wake up every morning and have something to get up of bed with a smile on my face and excitement for the whole day.

Blog more : because I love it and it's my new hobby,I'm gonna keep blogging and hopefully constantly,bringing all the good content and share even more than last year,I really have some exciting posts/stuff that I can't wait to show you (stay tuned ;) ).

Be organized : I'm actually organized in general,but I'd love to up the game a lil'bit so I'm thinking about a doing a BUJO,maybe schedule posts/tweets in advance...this way I can increase my productivity 'cause I have so many things I wanna do in 2017.

Travel moooore : what else can I say here?!,I want just to explore new places,get to know new cultures adventure, Ibn Battuta said “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” and that's exactly what I want hh.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle: as much as it sounds cliché,it's really in my to-do list. taking care of my physical health or mental health is a must-do. and of course as for all of the points above,I'm not gonna put pressure on myself,small steps are better than nothing,right?so I'm thinking about running once/week ,eating healthier,take care of myself,my thoughts and listen to myself more..

this are the things that can make my 2017 a great year ,alongside graduating from my economics and management licence degree,I take advantage from this post to wish you a happy new year (I did it on Instagram not here ) full of hapiness and health,wish you all the best ♡.

there's a lot coming your way on this blog,can't wait.I made a Facebook page for my blog to update you of new things and I post some lifestyle photos,posts,I chat to you,so feel free to join the family there.

feeling nosy,I'd love to know what's your number one goal for this year ,have a great day and talk to you later.


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  1. I'm sooo happy for meeting you too ! You gave me a lot of motivation with your nice comments <3

    1. aw thank you lovely ,you deserve them all xo


thank you for your comment,have a lovely day!

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