October 09, 2016

It's this time of the year again!Autumn,yaaay! and as much as I love summer's sunny days,fresh drinks and picnics,I do love cosy nights having a hot drink,a blanket while watching some youtube videos or watching TV. I don't know about you but that's the first things I think about when I hear the word "Autumn" , and yeah I forgot about having cinneman porridge for breakfast and being in a big comfy sweaters 7d/7.

who doesn't like these things,but this year as you may already know or may not, I decided to make my 2016 a social year, and I wrote a post about it here,so I'm changing the rules this year,I am not saying there will be nothing of the things I mentioned ,of course there will be some evening lay-ins and all of the other stuff,it's Autumn at the end hh,but by saying a social year , I mean to socialize,I mean to go out more ,to travel as much as I can, to say more YES for new opportunities ,meet new people,exchange,share,and create awesome stories and unforgettable memories.

It can be just a long forest walk with friends or family, going to the cinema to watch a film (this is different from TV at home ),or even attending to a conference wich topic interests you...
in brief,I am gonna try to make the most of my Autumn ,because I believe Autumn 2016 isn't the same as 2015's and it's not going to be the same as 2017's one,neither me,neither my interests,so I gotta benefit from every single moment and enjoy it as it's still here!

So I dare you to go out more,there are so many things you haven't seen,tried or even known about,you should definitely see the world out of your comfort zone,life is about experiences we passed through as Albert Einstein said " the only source of knowledge is experience" and I say : go out and get those experiences!

if you're stuck for ideas where to go and what to do,there are websites that suggest events and everything you need to know , Eventbrite is one of them and by far my favourite from the time I discover it,why? first of all because it's encouraging to go out more often by the GOMO project (and that's so amazing),secondly because it allows you to filter your research depending on the city you choose,event category (music, art,parties,food,networking...etc),the exact day you're looking for, also the website is well organised, you can create your event on there too . so what else can you ask for?!you won't be complaining about not having where to go afterward,I recommend you to visit their website,you'll find your joy!

bashing FOMO is easy from now, just GOMO.

that's it for today's post,I'm off to a conference about "the world climate change " ,let me know what are your plans for this Autumn? do you go out often? until next post.

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Love, Souhaila xo

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  1. It seems so fun. I love the beach.
    Good vibes, FOX
    check out my blog www.rochellefox.com.au and my latest VLOG

  2. Loved this post. I definitely need to put more effort into going out as well. It's what I always neglect during the colder months. Such a pity.

    Love, Kerstin

    1. thank you Kerstin,yees you should because there's so much fun outside,warmer clothes and you're good to go xo

  3. Great post! I definitely need to work on going out more, I get so lazy when I'm not at work, and find it far to easy to just spend the day in bed watching netflix! I've recently got my first car so I should take advantage and go visit new places

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

    1. yes,it's really worth it to go out more often,it's so soothing,and you don't have the excuse now with your new car ;) xo

  4. I think this is such a great post! People do need to get out more often, it's so relaxing going for a walk in the countryside or in a forest park. x


    1. Thank you Rebecca! yes I agree it's so relaxing xo

  5. I hadn't really realised I haven't gone out so much until I read this post!����But yeah, recently all I've been doing is being stuck at home with homework, blogging, eating baking, watching YouTube videos and researching. Is that somewhat boring? I think so. GOMO!

    #sweetreats xx www.bakingboutiquebirds.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. #sweetheart these things are really important since you found your joy in doing that,but stepping out your comfort zone is more enjoyable,trust me you'll love it ,thank you for stopping by xo

  6. Amazlingly written!
    I've only just started to go outside and it feels great. Just a month back, I was that girl who sat home watching TV shows. Wish I read your post sooner. I'm sure it helped others! Keep it up. :D
    Much love,


    1. thank you so much Salina for your comment,and I'm glad you're enjoying being out lately,have an amazing week ahead xo

  7. Good vibes <3 Fab post gal x
    - sofia

  8. Great post...dear...xoxo, Neha



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