October 02, 2016

rose petal tea 
hello,it's me again! hope you're doing well,today's post is about my current picks ,and as the first version,I'm going to mention a bit of everything I'm loving at the moment.maybe I can intreduce you to some new things you don't know about or just find something we both like! let's get started.

Blog : 101thingsgirlslike ,I follow this blog from a long time now,but this last month I had discovered it again,it's by a frensh girl called Madison ramaget (yes she write in frensh and english),who has a nice fashion style,simple yet classy,theblog is about beauty and fashion mainly and it talks lifestyle from time to time,I really like its design,how pur and.clean it's,also by reading a post you can notice that the author has put so much time on it making sure to produce the best content.Madison has also a youtube channel that doesn't lack of creativity and quality of image and editing,but sadly (for those who dont understand frensh) she speaks just frensh over there,but it's worth a visit anyway.

YouTube channel : Samantha maria's AKA beauty crush ,one of my favourite vloggers ever,I love her special fashion style and her videos in general,but her vlogs are the best,I always feel like I'm living the amazing london lifestyle through her vids,and her editing skills are just brief, I love"her world".

Music : to be honest,I didn't listen to that much music lately,( I didn't notice that till now ) but I loved This is my version by Conor maynard from the first glance I heard it,the melodies are so good and the lyrics too,without talking about Conor's voice hh.

Apps : when it comes to Apps,I'm a bit boring,and I'm sure I dont teach you anythig ,but Snapchat has been my bestie these last few days,I share so much there lately and I on't deny that I can sometimes spend 2 consecutive hours just stalcking my fav bloggers (yes I know I sound a lil bit so nosy but not in real life just on snapchat hh),I get to know more about their personality on can tell I'm addicted,
you can find me on snapchat,my username is : SOUHAILAELMN .

Food / drink : rose petal  green tea! OMG,emm so delicious,I can litterally drink 5 cups of it /day,you have to taste it.

To do: twitter chats,for those of you who don't have an idea about what it is,here you go : it's basically a hashtag on twitter that collects a discussion about a specific topic,it happens weekly in a specific day and time. there are plenty of them along the week,and my best ones are #GRLPOWR 'Tuesday 9pm, Thursday 8pm & Sunday 11-11!' and #LBLOGGERS 'every Wednesday & Sunday from 7 to 8 pm uk time ",also #THEGIRLGANG "every Monday at 6pm GMT",by taking part in them,I get to know some lovely bunch of people .

Quote : "the earth has music for those who listen" by Shakespeare is my favourite quote at the moment,it says a lot to me,it keeps me reminded to see beauty everywhere,to be positive and enjoy the little things...and as you can see I added "the quote of the month" to the blog design which will be changed every month according to my mood.I hope you like the idea.

Instagram account / photo : Isabellath is my insta account crush right now,she take awesome photos of her home,food,outfits..I love her feed's tumbler,and vintage,she has a blog as well and it's as pretty as her instagram account.worth checking!

well, that's it for today, hope you likethispost and let me know what are your recent favourites.until the next post.

Love ,Souhaila.

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  1. Great post!�� The to do section and the quote, I love it!

  2. Great blog. Thanks for sharing especially the "to do and "quote" part.
    Good vibes, FOX
    check out my blog and my latest VLOG

    1. thank you Rochelle! I love your blog too xo

  3. Such a lovely post ! I like it how you included your favourite quote (such a great idea). Also thank you for joining the #GRLPOWR chats <3

  4. tea looks amazing- I have to try it

  5. What a unique faourites post love it hun quotes and staf! Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely day!
    Dominica from

  6. Aw I love this post, your pictures are so stunning! I am so happy I found your blog, I will definitely be reading it regularly now. Keep up the lovely work! x

  7. That rose petal green tea looks amazing!

    1. thank you ,it tastes great as well,you should try it


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