September 25, 2016

Hey everyone,so today’s post is going to be a tag “the versatile bloggers award” as I was nominated by the lovely Ashley ,thank’s to her,and I love the idea of it because I can reveal a lil bit more of Me so you can get to know more about the person behind todaysouhaila,although there gonna be just some Random facts ,hope you’ll enjoy it!

the rules:

- thank the person who nominated you
-include a link to their blog
-share 7 facts about yourself
-nominate 10-15 bloggers for the award.

let's get started!

1-    I’m a huge tea lover, I literally admire all kind of tea,black,green…fuit flavoured,with peppermint, rose, or even verbena…also cups, teapots and tea infusers,fun fact : I have a large mug collection.actually everything tea related (you can notice how much I love tea by counting how many ‘ tea’ in this paragraph hh).

2-    I have been dreaming throughout my childhood to become a veterinarian, and I was so attached to it,animals were and still an obsession for me and I wasn’t seeing myself as an adult without being a veterinarian,although now my studies have no relationship with veterinary medicine. Emm no man can be stronger than his destiny as Mary hunter austen said.

3-    the most undesirable feeling to me is injustice, i hate to see injustice whether concerning a big situation or even the smallest gesture of it, I HATE IT and I wish it doesn’t exist, unfortunately these days we're living the whole time beside it or even inside it,with all what happens in the world (marginalization, famine, wars and all kinds of inequalities).

4-    Grey is my fav colour, I love it that’s it!

5-    I’m the youngest of my sisters but the tallest one (so random I know!)

6-    I used to be a very shy person, and I still am but not as much as I was ,how I overcome it (partially)?the answer is it took me time!

7-    Guitar is my number-one favourite musical instrument; I actually have one but can’t do much with it, where did I find difficulties? The strings are bloody harsh .but I’m gonna try and give it a go!

okey,done with today's post,it was my first tag ever and I really enjoyed writting it ,I hope you like it,if you have any questions you want to ask me,feel free to leave them in a comment (I'll mention your links) so I cananswer them in a Q & A post.
 now it's my turn to nominate 10 other bloggers,I'd love to know more about you through this tag :) 

don't forget to visit their blogs and Ashley's.until next post xo.

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  1. I love your facts Souhaila! I'm getting into tea as well but you know I am obsessed with Moroccan tea with mint OMG so good! It's nice that you like to play the guitar! You should try to play more, practice makes perfect 😉

    1. thank you Ashley,YES to Moroccan tea hh,indeed I'll do my best to practice guitar more,
      have a nice week xo


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