Kasbah of Udayas Rabat (being alone for a while is ok )!!

September 10, 2016

    the gate of kasbah of  Udayas
Do you spend more time alone?do you think it's a great idea or absolutely the opposite? well for me being alone for some time is GOOD,and to answer the first question : I don't usually spend time being alone .but these last few days weren't the best for me,my mind was all over the place . so I was thinking about something that I can do to calm myself down and focus on Myself and nothing else.

I've decided to have a day off and be out on my own,basically explore my neighborhood .and how can I tell you that it helped so much.also the weather was on point hh.
I went to Kasabah of Udayas wich is a monument at Rabat(the capital of Morocco),I love how pretty  the houses are,they are painted white and blue (wich is my favourite color combination),and how amazing the view from the top of the Kasbah,you can see the beach and Bourgerag river (wich separates the city of Rabat from the city of Sale).
this place is highly visited by tourists but it stills so calm and soothing,so I spent litterally five hours there just relaxing,breathing sea's air,and contemplating the views,also there's another door that leads to an Andalousian garden,and I can't describe how beautiful it is,it has a basin that makes a nice purl and some fabulous small orange fish . Another fact about this garden: if you're a cat lover,you'll find your biggest joy in there.there are so many of them all around the place,in brief I LOVE IT
well this day off,being out alone was so benefical for my mood and my soul :
  1.  I saw so much beauty arround me.
  2. I noticed ,heared,saw and touched so many things that I wouldn't do if I'm accompanied.
  3. I get the time to relax
  4. I get to know how beautiful Rabat is
I am grateful for so many things,one of them to be alive and able to see this beautiful places..
so if you pass through a hard time,I highly advice you to go out,breath and see the beautiful things around you because nature has so many things to give as,
I let you enjoy some snaps of kasbah of Udayas  but before I wanna mention Shakespeare's quote:
"the earth has music for those who listen"

kasbah of  Udayas

the view from thetop of  kasbah of  Udayas

the view from thetop of  kasbah of  Udayas

the view from thetop of  kasbah of  Udayas

the view from thetop of  kasbah of  Udayas

typical Moroccan doors

typical Moroccan doors

a wall of  Zellij

Udayas alleys

jardin andalousie - Udayas

jardin andalousie - Udayas

let me know in the comments how do you deal with 'tough times"?! take care of yourself untill the next post.

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  1. Wow Souhaila! These pictures are gorgeous of your city! I love seeing where people come from, it's very interesting to see how things are different. I'm in love with the blue and white buildings! Are they painted that way for a reason? I love the cats too, are there a lot of wild ones there or do they belong to someone? If I'm having a bad day I usually just try to occupy my mind either by working on something or just relaxing and watching a funny movie. Lovely pictures of your town!!



    1. thank you Ashley,the most of the towns in Morocco that are near to the beach are painted blue and white,like Chefchaouen,Assilah...and yes there are so many cat in this garden and they're all wild and so friendly :)
      nice tip relaxation is all we need in these bad days.

      'Afwan (you're welcome)
      thank you for you lovely comment <3

  2. Amazing pictures, very great post ! Also love your blog ♥ Can we follow each other ? Let me know in comment and I will follow you back !

    Suzanne xx
    Check my blog : https://yourlovelyplace.blogspot.fr

    1. thank you,yours is nice too,I've left you a comment :)

  3. Lovely photos!

    x Annabelle

  4. So beautiful! It must be so peaceful being in a lovely place on your own to think about yourself and life! Your photography is amazing! Xx


  5. Lovely blogpost with gorgeous photographs!
    I agree, sometimes it's such a good thing to have some time to yourself to chill and think.

    I like to take some time out to myself and listen to music or watch some films ❤️

    Lovely blogpost again!
    Francesca xxx

    1. thank you Francesca,yes music is so good too <3

  6. Wow everything looks so pretty and colourful! Would love to visit someday x



thank you for your comment,have a lovely day!

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