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August 10, 2016

for me,inspiration is something  paramount in my personal and professional life , this is the engine that helps me to continue, and that helps my creativity to give its best.and if you ask me where you found the inspiration I will tell you : from family, nature, people I meet every day, social media (obviously hh) from everything on the earth basically.

but today,I wanna share with you some people who inspire me on a daily basis and who are #teaminternet related,each one has something special that inspires me,it can be his words,his pictures,his behaviours and it can be the most " stupid " thing but says something to me,so let's get started.

Ben brown : Aka Mrbenbrown is a daily vlogger ,film maker and awesome photographer from Surrey England,his videos,tweets and instagram photos have always a positive vibe,if i'm feeling little bit down,I always know the solution,is just to watch one of his videos an it cheers me up.

he has done so much interesting things with his life and he still,and that what amazes me;he visited so many places,met so many persons,and experienced so many things.i love how his journeys are full of fun.
also I love his quote that says :" Remember to work hard,be nice to people and try to not get lost or killed"
in brief,he's an encouraging man.

Louis cole : a "vagabond" from Surrey England,you cannot watch a video of him without having the yen to travel more,explore and as he says LIVE THE ADVENTURE,all I can say is that I'm very amazed by his life and honestly after discovering his channel on Youtube, so much things has changed in the way I think and I live (for the best of course), also he has a quote that I adore : "PEACE OUT,ENJOY LIFE AND LIVE THE ADVENTURE". It sums up everything,right?!

nicole eddy : first of all,she's one of my best bloggers ever,and has motivated me to start blogging,a South african girl living the adventure to the fullest,youtuber (recently),surfer,traveller and she loves nature,I have known her from Ben brown's channel( she's his girlfriend) and since then I admire her so much.she's so special.

poppy deys :another favourite blogger ( btw her photography is insane),I love her lifestyle that's the point,she always seems to enjoy her life. also she motivate me concerning the "healthy living".

that's it for today's post,I hope you like it,let me know in the comments who inspires you and i'm pretty much sure you know some of the people I mentioned above if so,feel free to express what do you think of them.also the time this post will be up I'll be on holidays at one of my favourite cities,follow my journey on Snapchat username:  " souhailaelmn "


love xoxo.

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  1. Very good post! It's always important to have inspiration and I love Poppy's blog too.

  2. Wow ... Inspiration is imp. To keep going when the road ahead is rough. Never tried the persons you mentioned. Maybe will give them a try. Plus I personally admire Robin Sharma sir for more inspiration. Go ahead watch his podcasts.

    1. yes you should check them out,they're fab,I'll definitely check Robin sharma ,I have never heard about him. thank you <3

  3. Inspiration is so important to have! I like the photo you've included at the top, it's really pretty x


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