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July 14, 2016

Poppy deyes blog
hey everyone,I hope you're doing well and that you're enjoying you holidays,today I want to share with you some bits I love this last few weeks,it's gonna be just random things from blogs,food,...and I'm thinking about making it a serie if you seem to like it,so here we go!

Blog : Poppy deyes is my all time favourite blogger,I love her lifestyle in general and her blog OMG the photography,the post ideas,and her writing skills Everything is A MAI ZING.

Youtube channel : I like so many channels when it comes to youtube,and in different categories,today I wanna talk 'beauty and style' side,so i've discovered Alix's channel a few months ago,and It didnt take long for me to get obsessed with it(same for her blog),I love how minimalistic her videos are,how clear and soothing they are,I've been just waiting for her videos since then.

Alix - photo credit icovetthee

Music : well,speaking music speaking melodies,speaking lyrics,i'm a bit picky comcerning songs,I listen barely to every kind:Pop,Classic,Loop..ect,but finally for me the good music depends on the song itself in other words a successful combination of lyrics,melodies,and voice is the key.
so for the momeent I'm loving 'Wild things' and 'Army' and if you did click here you can notice that i put sarah close's cover and not the original songs,well it's because first I discovered these songs from this channel (as for all the songs I like hhh) and secondly how amazing is this girl and her voice,I'll admit that sometimes when I find a song I like on her channel and I search for the original one,I always prefer sarah's cover(true story).

Apps: Twitter has been my favourite,and became more so with bloggerchat where I can talk with so many beautiful persons who share the same passion as me (or not ) and I love it, I'm also getting into this Snapchat thing so feel free to add me,I am as (souhailaelmn).

To do : so recently I've returned to reading after a long time,and what can I say,the feeling of touching a book, focusing on a different story, the relaxation and the sentiments experienced once the book is finished, all these were missed,I'm currently reading THE LAST RESORT by Alison lurie, let me know if you're reading something and what's it.

the last resort by Alison lurie

food/drink : okey,this isn't just a favourite of the moment but of all the moments,TEA is my ultimate favourite drink ever,I like the black,green.. basically with all the flavours jasmin,peppermint,vanilla...genuinely I have a huge collection hh.

Lipton black tea

 Photo : talking photos,talking Instagram,and my best Insta gallery at the moment is meryl denis's,she's a Frensh blogger and model from Paris,and her photos are so perfect.
also this lead me to mention that I've started a new Instagram account and I deleted the previous one,I'm posting daily and to be honnest I'm feeling quite 'lonely'  so can  we meet over there??!! ;)

that's it for today's post,i hope you like it,let me know in the comment what are your faves of the moment and take care until the next one 

love  xoxo

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  1. What a lovely array of favorites, I know of most of these & adore them as well. You've got excellent taste! xx Adaleta Avdic

  2. I loooove Poppy's blog, too! Her stories & photos are amazing!
    And you just made me want to grab a book, I miss reading books :D

    KayleeㅣJK's Dawn

    1. indeed she's amazing,just do it you'll enjoy reading certainly!thank you for stopping by xoxo

  3. I've just discovered your blog, and its so beautiful! I will have to give it a little follow! x
    Lauren | SimplyLaurenElizabeth

    1. thank you Lauren! yours is beautiful too,I've done the same xoxo

  4. I've not seen Poppy's blog but it sounds fantastic! I'll definitely pop over and have a read :D

    I hope you're well! Off you read some of your posts now

    Tamsyn Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear

    1. yes you should definitely,you won't be disappointed,I'm fine hope you're too,thank you for stopping by xo

  5. Poppy's blog is just fab! I get so excited for her posts haha! You should give green tea with lemon a go, it's my absolute fave at the moment!! :D

    Sheena |

    1. yes same here,I always getexcited by Wensdays and Sundays,definitely gonna try the green tea w/ lemon,thank's for reading xo


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