never a failure,always a lesson.

April 04, 2016

never a failure,always a lesson.

 this last few days,i've been stressed so much,between university,studies and my relationships,life in general,i'm being so nervous and i find the negative sides of every thing that happens to me and no positive ones,

I felt my life smashed , that I had done nothing with it,I got back to the time when I had a dream (my childhood dream) to be a veterinarien but it didn't come true,also that I wanted to do music classes and still own a guitar just placed in the corner of my room,that I wanted to do dance classes (bellet) and now I'm 20 years old so I can't have the flexibility it requires ...and for the last 3 years I couldn't establish a new goal especially relating to my studies,

I wont be a complainer all along this post,that's not the reason why I'm writing it,so when I looked at the past with an optimistic eye,I've found so many interesting things that I did but hadn't seen them with the way (pessimistic) I looked at them,

I did enjoy my year of A levels that I spent away from home to study agronomic studies in order to enter the veterinary school (which I didn't finaly),also met so many new friends there,and I think that if I hadn't the time to start music courses I'll have it one day and I'll practice guitar certainly, now I have no regret about the past,I'm an economic university student and had theatre courses for one year (which I enjoyed doing) I'm a member of a charity association,also I believe there are so many more opportinuties I can chase to make my future brighter and more exciting,I admit that we cannot controle our past neither our future and life just goes on anyway.

today,I don't want to focus on the past anymore,I'm learning from it,it will show me what to not bring into my future,also it's a book that contains old lessons and that I'll visit whenever I feel the need,that's it, I will no longer live in the past because it doesn't define me,living the moment is the best thing I can do.

I don't know if my talk makes sens but i writed what I was feeling spontaneously,so sorry if that was just me rumbling. I'd love to know what's you vision on the past? and how are you feeling about the future?

take care of yourselves and remember: the past is a lesson,the future is full of great things just live here and now.

love <3

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