let it snow!

April 06, 2016

okay,here's another travel post that I'm so excited to share with you! but first,how are you doing you reading this hope you're having a great day. so last month,I went on a roadtrip in the middle atlas of Morocco,and i had sooo much fun there,and i thought I'll show you some bits of it.
first stop was in El hajeb where we had breakfast (i went with my sisters) it's so simple and calm along with having the sweetest people ever they are so humble and genuinely enjoying the smallest things on earth,
for breakfast,my sisters went for the local traditional breakfast including the moroccan tea and moroccan olive oil with cheese,and for me,I had a pastry,well it was a filling fuel to continue the trip energetically ,

an hour later or so, the white covered mountains started to appear,we are now in the countryside of Ifrane AKA Switzerland of Morocco and ooh it was bloody awesome,so peaceful and pur,especially that it wasa blue sky day and it added a lot of beauty to the view . it was sooo cold though that I couldn't take the gloves off,but still enjoyed it,I did sledding for the 2nd time of my life (yes the 2nd time you read it right hh)

for lunch,we went for a picnic,and we did enjoy the change from eating indoor between four walls to eating outdoor with a wonderful view without being distracted by the Tv or anything else,more tan that,we couldn't be complaining because the forest where we ate was equipped with wooden tables.

after that,we span to Azrou another city near Ifrane,where we rented a flat to stay the night in,it still a serene and tranquil as its neighbour,i love its architecture style,so lovely and colorful.
my sisters and i hiked in the middle of nowhere hhh and found a magical house,it was the only one in this corner also was uninhabited so we had to take tons of pictures of it.

 I think it's ridiculous to include it in an article, but I tried it for the first time the milk with verbena,and it was yummy as well as made me relaxed for the night.
talking about the night,we did go out in the evenings,but I wasn't able to take pictures 'cause it was pitch black,

the day after.we got back to Ifrane but this time to the centre of the city.it was so busy considering it was the Weekend,but it didn't hold us back from exploring and adventuring,
and I don't have to say for the 100th time that it's soooo beautiful and there were waterfalls.forests.snow obviously ,what else can I ask for??

and that was all for our trip,but there was other surprises waiting for us on the way home,the first one  is a sort of cabin in the boondocks where you can get some local gadgets,it looks so vintage (and I have a big love for vintage things)and the owner is soo humble and sociable.than the second one is a golden sunset that we could not pass our way without stopping to take it in picture and enjoy a lapse of time watching it

okay, we are at the end of this post,I hope you like it, I'm so excited to share with you my future trips,adventures and exploring
have an amazing day/night (I don't know what time are you reading this ) and let me know in the comments where are you planning to travel?either near home or far,it doesn't matter since you're exploring and discovering new places .

love <3

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