MY 2016!

February 13, 2016

Yes I know what is going in your mind you reading this right now: “2016 resolutions in February?” yes that’s alright for me, better late than never right?

let it sparkle!

So today, as you might have seen from the title, I had the desire to write about 2016, not about the FAMOUS 2016 RESOLUTIONS but well said 
“how I’d love 2016 to be”. And I prefer to call it like this because the word ‘resolutions’ put a lot of pressure on me, it sounds like: I have to change something in my life in a specific time the 1st of January, so WHY? For me the change happens all year long and it doesn’t need an exact period to exist, as well as the HONORED fixation to be ‘the new me’ at the beginning of every year. Certainly I appreciate the fact of being the best version of us but that’s a daily effort and it doesn’t come overnight. 

Basically, at the 1st January I’ve written on my journal a list titled “2016 RESOLUTIONS”! That night I was surely under the effect of the amount of YouTube videos, blog posts or even tweets and instagram posts talking about the one and only theme. I noted down over 20 New Year resolutions (yes I was giving myself a tough job) that weren’t even realistic neither achievable. 
However. From the 1st January to now, I’ve learnt a loads of stuff, the first one is to NOT PUT PRESSURE ON MYSELF and just be KIND TO ME,LOVE MYSELF,TRUST MYSELF and principally TREAT MYSELF. 

Also, continue to be grateful for what I have, because I’ve always been pleased for waking up every morning, for my family and for my health. Speaking of health, I intend to take care of myself psychologically and physically without getting pressure from the new wave of fashion that runs lately, but just to be comfortable daily. And by telling this I mean either walking or a little jogging! 
Concerning the mental health, first of all to not give a shit to people for the only reason: we cannot please to everyone. also to not get hung up on the statistics of social media (you know what I mean) and last but not least do more of what makes ME happy .and that leads me to talk about something that I love doing : TRAVEL and ADVENTURE, I’d love this year to be full of discovery. I’ll go out and get inspired by people, nature…I’ll get in the cinema to enjoy a film by myself, and I’ll talk to people more. Who knows how they can affect me!! Quite simply I'll live MY life. 

More than that, I’ve always been thinking about the way I can make the world better being a huge nature lover, a different country admirer, respectful for all people whatever their nationalities and religions are, and that seems so hard! although i get back to the fact that I have to start from myself then i can sparkle the world by anything I do and in my opinion that’s the best/easiest way to accomplish that. 

For the moment, that's what matters in making my 2016 a Happy and Memorable year, and that's all what I ask for. I don't see the New Year anymore as a transition where I take some commitments to improve my lifestyle during a year starting day D and finishing day D+364.

always enjoy the golden hours

That’s it for today’s post. I’m sorry if it was a little bit SO long but I had to write down my thoughts somewhere and since this blog is an outlet of sharing I find it the perfect spot.

Wish you a golden 2016 full of happiness, health and glow <3 Let me know in the comment section what your opinions on this concern are ;).

with love <3
Souhaila xoxo.

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  2. Really good post,
    Your resolutions sound amazing and I especially love the be you one x
    Follow for follow?
    Elle xxx

  3. Nice post!

  4. Aww this is a sweet post. I hope your year turns out exactly how you want it to.
    Surprisingly I'm not doing too bad with my resolutions!

    Rosie at Damzel In This Dress

  5. Replies
    1. thank you Ellen! i love yours too and your videos <3

  6. There's so much pressure from literally everywhere these days, the last thing you need is to put pressure on yourself :) Great resolutions and lovely pics <3


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