January 26, 2016

Summer 2014,ASSILAH was my holiday destination ,a city in the northwest of Morocco.where the blue and white colors are mixed to provide a fantastic,peaceful and pure picture.
not just blue and white but all the other colors are invited in this wonderful city.

when you are in Asilah, one thing's sure; your memory card will saturate from the pictures you'll take, you'll be fascinated so much that you can not even stop to photograph everything that comes in front of you.

Starting with the walls full of graffiti art, its architecture that comes from the meeting of the Moroccan culture and the influence of portuguese colonization.without forgetting its medina full of moroccan history and heritage.

I spent 5 days there,and i would love to stay more :/.if I wasn't going to Ouarzazate ( another magical city in the south of Morocco ) the next day.

when you ask me about my must-visit in Assilah,my answer is so easy: GO OUT and EXPLORE. then your curiosity will do the job, the city is so small so you can discover it by your own way.certainly you wont be disappointed.
i will let you discover a tiny bit of asilah through the images I captured, but surely these arn't the only ones on my camera. :)

 assilah's beach camping 

view over the medina

typical doors of assilah

graffiti (peace and love)

assilh's beautiful alleys (medina)

graffiti art 

creative paintings by a Moroccan artist

Assilah's beach

assilah's alleys

hope you like this post and it will make you want to visit Assilah, xoxo.

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  1. très beau! Morocco is such a beautiful country! I have been to Marrakech three times.
    xx Laurence

  2. thank you laurence!indeed,it's an amazing country and Marrakech still my favourite city there <3


thank you for your comment,have a lovely day!

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